GAVIN HARRISON Protean Signature Snare

Quick Film we made for Sonor Drums at Gavin’s house. Audio recorded and mixed by Gavin himself. Apart from the control room – where the kit is always mic’d up – Gavin’s studio has incredibe echo. To get round that we had to close mic with a decent cardioid mic, which unfortunately is in shot. Edited on Edius, filmed with Canon DSLR’s for the 2013 NAMM show.


Stuart Cable passes.

Very sorry to hear about this great musician and champion of other’s music passing over to the other side. I got to work with him on a couple of things. Editorial for Rhythm Magazine, and Yamaha UK’s Backbeat magazine; where he shared the front cover with Mark Richardson. Suffice to say it was a brilliant day in his company, in fact in his back garden for most of it.

Stuart Cable

Stuart Cable for Rhythm cover

Michael Lee departed

Michael Lee Bristol March 2006

Michael Lee Bristol March 2006

Of the hundreds of musicians I have met, Michael was one of the most generous & talented. He was also , in my experience, prone to having adventures. Only a couple of nights out with him, but you knew he was enjoying every moment. These pictures are from March 2006, the last time I saw him. Taken in Bristol at a soundcheck for a Thin Lizzy concert. He was in fantastic form. Famed for playing with supergroups like Page and Plant, Cult, Little Angels etc; he was also very giving with his time for up and coming drummers and well just enthuastic about music and everything about the industry.


Michael Lee March 2006

Michael Lee March 2006