Another Cinemagraph

This time it is the lovely Leanne from Yamaha Music UK. Pictured here at a CFX piano in Studio 2 Abbey Roadleanne800


Cinemagraph… let’s have a go.

I keep seeing these pop up in my feeds…’Cinemagraphs’ – a posh way of saying a looping gif. So I thought I would try one out. As I have┬ánot bought a photo manipulation program this decade.. this was done on Image Ready CS2. A simple mask on the area of movement and away we go.

So here is Eckie in my village hall, counting himself in – forever!

Counting in the song forever…

Cat in the Hat

We are off to swimming soon and then a haircut for us both. Jess sensibly is hiding her barnet under ‘old-faithful’ (as a woman at nursery calls it)….

Knitted for your comfort


Beautiful giraffes at Cotswold Widlife Park. Another very enjoyable day with train rides, rhinos, lions, and penguins.

Cotswold Wildlife Park
oh a giraffe doing a wee

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