Another Cinemagraph

This time it is the lovely Leanne from Yamaha Music UK. Pictured here at a CFX piano in Studio 2 Abbey Roadleanne800


Rex. Neil Cowley Trio. Picking photographs.

I have a garage full of old transparency film in files. Most are labelled with the artist, location and date taken. These are the out-takes. I keep them to remind myself that I was prolific at one time. I also keep them because I know the 20-year-old that cut out the good ones to give to the editors of the magazines was a pup. He didn’t tend to hand in the experimental ‘accidents’ that occurred every 70 shots (one roll of 120 and one of 135). Today I shot a fantastic musician and gentle soul Rex Horan. He plays with Evan and Neil. They make wonderful music, and their rehearsal space is full of laughter. Here are 3 examples of shots that will not make the grade for the article… but are the ones I decided to illustrate a point that capturing moments isn’t necessarily about a pretty shot. I recently met an old college and friend Nigel, who now shoots beautiful, often funny glances at landscape around us all. An inspiration to pick up a camera for the joy in achieving the shot in mind.



Stuart Cable passes.

Very sorry to hear about this great musician and champion of other’s music passing over to the other side. I got to work with him on a couple of things. Editorial for Rhythm Magazine, and Yamaha UK’s Backbeat magazine; where he shared the front cover with Mark Richardson. Suffice to say it was a brilliant day in his company, in fact in his back garden for most of it.

Stuart Cable
Stuart Cable for Rhythm cover

Canon EOS 5D Mark II arrives.

I couldn’t wait any longer! With promised Firmware upgrade to 24/25 fps and the possibility of 720p 50/60 – oh and it’s a 21 MegaPixel ‘Stills’ beauty; well I had to have it.

So expect the next few things to have excitement underpinning them 🙂

Strangely I went online to find it rather than a dealership (well they went out of business last year). Ebuyer; ordered Friday – delivered Saturday – 2nd cheapest out there. And not from HK.

New Boots and Panties
A new toy (ahem sorry) ... tool.

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