A day on the river – unlike any other

A classic turn of events….. ‘Where shall we shoot Steve?’,  ‘….to announce his signing with Yamaha Drums…. needs to say London and have something…. different….’.

‘How about hiring a boat and floating past some of the biggest landmarks?’ (Half joking….*) So that’s what we did. It started to piss down near the end. So we shot the rest & video message inside, and then piled off to look at the shots in the Southbank Centre. Got it down to 4 – job done.

# this wasn’t one of the four….


Another Cinemagraph

This time it is the lovely Leanne from Yamaha Music UK. Pictured here at a CFX piano in Studio 2 Abbey Roadleanne800

Cinemagraph… let’s have a go.

I keep seeing these pop up in my feeds…’Cinemagraphs’ – a posh way of saying a looping gif. So I thought I would try one out. As I have not bought a photo manipulation program this decade.. this was done on Image Ready CS2. A simple mask on the area of movement and away we go.

So here is Eckie in my village hall, counting himself in – forever!

Counting in the song forever…

Jason Bowld feature for Roland and Rhythm

Drummer Jason Bowld (Killing Joke, AxeWound, Pop Will Eat Itself) explains in his own way the ideas behind mixing electronic and acoustic dums. Shot at SAE in Oxford with help from the students for the sound. Usual set up with mix of Canon DSLRs and GoPros in Edius. This was part of Music Radar’s Dum Expo. Edited and coloured in Edius.

GAVIN HARRISON Protean Signature Snare

Quick Film we made for Sonor Drums at Gavin’s house. Audio recorded and mixed by Gavin himself. Apart from the control room – where the kit is always mic’d up – Gavin’s studio has incredibe echo. To get round that we had to close mic with a decent cardioid mic, which unfortunately is in shot. Edited on Edius, filmed with Canon DSLR’s for the 2013 NAMM show.

Cat in the Hat

We are off to swimming soon and then a haircut for us both. Jess sensibly is hiding her barnet under ‘old-faithful’ (as a woman at nursery calls it)….

Knitted for your comfort

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