ACS and their brilliant T2’s

I am now the proud owner of some fantastic in-ear headphones. .

Acoustic Communication Solutions
Acoustic Communication Solutions

I can honestly say it has made my working day sooo much better. Quite often I am in front of, or near to a drum kit/Marshall stacks/Loud shouty roadies all of which are being soundchecked.

This means hitting it (drum kit) as hard as the musician will do later when pumped with adrenaline. I now not only have custom made sound defence (the ear buds are molded to the intricances of your own ear), but they have a couple of very nice drivers in them too. I am rediscovering my music collection! I mentioned to Andy Shiach that I was unable to properly distance myself from ambient sound when recording musicians, and he very kindly sent these through. I feel as if I now have some pro-headphones and the hearing protection that my ears need.


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